Snowshoe Hare Habitat Sample

Habitat Areas

  • Category: Bioscience
  • Data Type: External Agency Website
  • Steward(s): DNR, Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Abstract: Wildlife habitats created by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Many of these habitats were created or confirmed by field biologists. Most habitat datasets contain a Crucial/Substantial value system.

Game Habitat

Game Habitat

Habitat areas for the following species in Utah: bandtailed pigeon, bison, black bear, blue grouse, bonetailed chub, california big horn sheep, california quail, chuckar, desert bighorn sheep, gambles quail, greater sage grouse, gunnison sage grouse, hungarian partridge, moose, mountain goat, mule deer, pronghorn, razorback sucker, ringnecked pheasant, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, rocky mountain elk, ruffed grouse, sharp tailed grouse, snowshoe hare, white tailed ptarmigan, and wild turkey. There are no use limitations, but the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources provides no warranty nor accepts any responsibility or liability for any inaccurate or incomplete data associated with this file.

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