Project area mapDuring 2019 UGRC and the Utah Division of Emergency Management acquired ~6,114 square miles of 2 points per meter Quality Level 2 LiDAR of Kane County and portions of the Greater Sevier Watershed. The 1 meter resolution bare earth DEMs and first-return/highest-hit DSMs in .tif format have a 10.0cm vertical RMSE accuracy and are available for download. The LAS point clouds are available from The National Map or by request from Rick Kelson from UGRC at

The naming convention for the tiles are based off the U.S. National Grid (USNG).

This elevation data has a UTM NAD83 (2011) zone 12 north meters NAVD88(GEOID12) projection.

Comments, questions, compliments, or concerns can be directed to Rick Kelson from UGRC at