Neighborhood Suitability Analysis in Utah

Suitability analysis allows a user to explore the appropriateness of an area based on a specific set of criteria. This application allows the user to select the individual criteria on which to assess and assign a weight to that criteria by moving the respective slider bar. When you move a slider bar to the right, the areas on the map that are higher in this criteria will be highlighted (i.e., darker hexagons indicate areas of higher suitability). Conversely, this map can also be used to explore areas that are less suitable.

This map was created using OSM and the Uber H3 Hexagonal Geospatial Indexing System, resolution 8.

Data Sources
Childcare - WFRC Child Care Centers GIS layer
Hospitals - WFRC Hospitals GIS layer
Grocery and Food - WFRC Grocery and Food Stores GIS layer
Public Libraries - UGRC Public Libraries GIS layer
Charter Schools - UGRC Schools GIS layer
Colleges and Universities - UGRC Colleges and Universities GIS layer
UTA Light Rail Stations - UTA Light Rail Stations GIS layer
UTA Bus Stops - UTA Bus Stops GIS layer
Community Centers - WFRC Community Centers GIS layer
Local Parks - UGRC Local Parks GIS layer

Built by UGRC