Updates were made recently to the SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class that resides on the Utah SGID ArcSDE database server.

The updated Roads data is also available as shapefiles and file geodatabase files for download on the SGID FTP site.

Geocoding services and ArcGIS Server Applications & Web Services are now using the updated SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class.

The following highlights what has been updated:

County Updates:

  • Salt Lake: Received VECC’s centerline update 2/20/2014: added new roads and incorporated changes since the last update on 1/8/2014; geocoding improvements
  • Utah: Received centerline update 2/24/2014: added new roads; geocoding improvements
  • Wasatch: Received centerline update 1/24/2014: added new roads, road names, and address ranges; geocoding improvements
  • Washington: Received centerline update 2/28/2014: added new roads; geocoding improvements
  • Weber: Received centerline update 2/26/2014: added new roads and incorporated changes since the last update on 1/6/2014; geocoding improvements

Blue Stakes of Utah Feedback:

  • Davis: geocoding improvements
  • Salt Lake: geocoding improvements
  • Summit: geocoding improvements
  • Utah: geocoding improvements
  • Washington: geocoding improvements

UDOT Route System:

  • The DOT_F_MP (From Milepost) and DOT_T_MP (To Milepost) fields that store the milepost attributes of the UDOT state and federal routes in SGID10.Transportation.Roads were updated
  • The DOT_RTID field that stores UDOT's unique numeric route identifiers was updated