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The Wasatch Front LiDAR elevation data collected 2013-2014 is now available as a service. These services utilize the .5 meter DEMs derived from the LiDAR collection. Once you have established a GIS Server connection to in the Elevation folder you will find the following layers:

Bare Earth DTM layers:

  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM - use this layer to get elevation values, derive contours and generate surfaces etc.
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM_Hillshade
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM_ShadedRelief
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM_Slope

First Return DMS layers:

  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DSM
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DSM_Hillshade
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DSM_ShadedRelief
  • Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DSM_Slope

PLEASE NOTE: If using the services for geoprocessing (generate contours, custom surfaces, etc.) be sure to set the geoprocessing tool's Environment Settings - Processing Extent to something other than the default that will use the entire dataset and blow your computer up. For instance select a polygon feature class as your area of interest or select Same as Display. For most geoprocessing you will want to use the bare earth DTM Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM.

Here is a link to an ArcMap layer file for the elevation data services to get you started.

The hillshade, slope, and shaded relief surfaces are reference raster mosaics.

Comments, questions, compliments, or concerns can be directed to Rick Kelson from AGRC at