• Google Imagery License
  • High resolution (QL1) LiDAR data and surface models for Wasatch Front urban area (2013-14) now available.
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  • Built in partnership with Utah’s county governments, a statewide address point GIS data layer was added to the State Geographic Information Database (SGID) in June.
  • 2012 High Resolution Aerial Photography data and image services now available for Wasatch Front
  • The State Geographic Information Database (SGID)
    Access Utah’s richest resource of aerial imagery, geographic data, and services for a variety of mapping needs.
  • New Political Districts and Voting Precincts Datasets Available

    Political districts for elections in 2012 are available as GIS data layers.


Updates were made recently to the SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class that resides on the Utah SGID ArcSDE database server. The updated Roads data is also available as shapefiles and file geodatabase files for download on the SGID FTP site. Geocoding services and ArcGIS Server Applications & Web Services are now using the updated SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class. …

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Summarizing Utah GIS Data Needs for NG 9-1-1

The success of the emergency response process that is initiated by dialing 9-1-1 has always been dependent on understanding and verifying locational information. GIS-based map information will be fully integrated into the Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 platform. In addition to the geographic context provided in map displays, the legacy telephone-number-to-address lookup tables will be replaced …

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Using Utah’s Google Imagery License (March 5th)

Background: At the beginning of the year, a coalition of state, regional, and local government agencies purchased a license to Google’s high resolution (6 inch pixels) aerial photography [more info]. The license will allow Utah’s cities, counties, special districts, state agencies, K12/Higher ed, and tribes to use this imagery in web and desktop mapping applications …

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2014 NAIP Now Available

The statewide 2014 National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) 1 meter aerial photography is now available. The imagery is available as Mr. Sid compressed county mosaics, 3-band RGB image tiles, and single 4th band infrared image tiles. The Red, Green, and Blue bands have been separated from the Infrared band in an effort to reduce storage …

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Wasatch Front LiDAR Services Now Available

The Wasatch Front LiDAR elevation data collected 2013-2014 is now available as a service. These services utilize the .5 meter DEMs derived from the LiDAR collection. Once you have established a GIS Server connection to mapserv.utah.gov in the Elevation folder you will find the following layers: Bare Earth DTM layers: Elevation\Lidar2013_2014_DTM – use this layer …

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Data Resources

Aerial photography

High Resolution Imagery, National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), Digital Ortho Quadrangle (DOQ) and instructions for accessing imagery.

SGID data and downloads

Catalog of available mapping/GIS data, including description and usage information, and download links.

Base map services in ArcMap

AGRC provides several multi-scale base map service options that deliver pre-rendered base map tiles to your ArcMap session or to web app developers.

USGS scanned topographic maps (DRG’s)

The SGID contains a complete statewide coverage of scanned standard series USGS topographic maps, also known as digital raster graphics (DRGs).

Resources for Developers

If you’re a developer, this is the place to start You’ll find online space maps, geospatial widgets, geospatial web services and more. Also includes a developer team blog for all things dev.

Real-time GPS Network

The state’s network of permanently located GPS receivers across the state made possible through public and partnerships for real time high accuracy GPS positioning.