Over the years, GIS is trending more and more towards being web-based. UGRC has tried to keep step with this trend with the addition of the discover, the TurnGPS RTK GPS service, and the Web API handling over one million requests per month. More and more users rely on these services. Outages are very disruptive and we’re doing everything in our power to avoid them. But in the event of a system outage we want our users to know what is going on, that you’re not alone and that UGRC is aware of the issue, and when it is likely to be resolved.

UGRC is now maintaining a system status website for the services we provide. Users can visit and bookmark https://agrc-status.netlify.app to check on the status of UGRC systems.

If you notice an outage, please check the UGRC status website first as this will get you the details quickly and it leaves UGRC with more time to work toward resolution. If you do not see the status accurately reflected on the status page, please get in contact with us immediately by phone or email with a description of the problem.

When outages occur, UGRC will use the status website to let users know that:

  1. We are aware of the issue
  2. The suspected cause of the issue, and
  3. When the issue will be resolved

UGRC will continue to use twitter with the hash tag #utmap to disseminate information about outages and other interesting news. But, UGRC recognizes twitter does not reach all our users. Not every GIS user has a twitter account and not every person with a twitter account comprehensively reads our tweets.

Lastly, if there are other systems that you would like us to track, let us know.

Technical Information

As you may know, the fine people at Netlify host our gis.utah.gov website. Overall they offer a great service and when they released StatusKit, UGRC was very excited. StatusKit is a website and template for Hugo. Hugo is a static website generator, similar to jekyll which generates this website, built with Go. Using pull requests or a desktop CLI tool, we can create new incidents and Hugo and Netlify take care of the rest.