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For decades, UGRC's foundational GIS and GPS products have provided access to reliable and free spatial data that are incorporated into important business practices and processes of government, private, and public entities. Explore our products and imagine how you and your team can use them to implement and enhance your mission and goals. Reach out to us for implementation questions, tips, and best practices.

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In addition to our main products, UGRC provides a wide range of GIS and geospatial solutions and support services such as: Data aggregation, management, and analysis; process automation; application and software development; GIS best practices; facilitating programs and activities to implement GIS technology throughout the state; and coordination of GIS policy development and implementation activities.

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Collaboration is the key element of GIS in Utah, and UGRC strives to ensure a high level of collaboration among Utah GIS users and aims to promote effective, efficient use of GIS resources. Here you will find information and links to the GIS community in Utah as well as resources on user groups, events, and partnerships.

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