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Online Base Maps

AGRC's online map services are available for use at no cost, fast, accurate, and beautiful.

Geospatial Widgets

AGRC’s javascript widgets allow developers to quickly add spatial functionality to their website for no cost.

Geospatial Web Services

AGRC’s Web API allow developers to access spatial data from their applications and websites for no cost.

Developer Team Blog

Read about work done by developers.

From the Developer Blog

  • Converting SGID data downloads to Drive

    File-based data products in remain an important component of Utah’s State Geographic Information Database (SGID). In a change designed not to be noticed by u...

  • Rethinking Geocoders: Adding Local Vernacular into the Build Process

    AGRC has been working on a project to enhance our approach to geocoding. This grew from the basic idea that humans often view addressing differently than a G...

  • devsummit 2017

    The ESRI Dev Summit this year was great, as always. We much prefer this smaller more intimate conference to the much larger User Conference. They pack the sc...

  • Removing and Replacing the Esri Web Adaptor

    The Esri web adaptor is a small load balancer/reverse proxy bundled into the ArcGIS Server install but do you know if you need it?

  • Printing Web Maps with Discover Services

    Export Web Map Tool The Export Web Map tool is a geoprocessing tool that comes published as a service (Utilities/PrintingTools) out of the box with ArcGIS Se...

  • Forced GitHub; A reflection on a new website using GitHub and Jekyll

    The first commit to our version 6 website was one year and eight months ago on May 26, 2015. We went live with the v6.0 on March 25, 2016. Between that first...