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Read about applications created by AGRC developers.

Online Base Maps

AGRC's online map services are available for use at no cost, fast, accurate, and beautiful.

Geospatial Widgets

AGRC’s javascript widgets allow developers to quickly add spatial functionality to their website for no cost.

Geospatial Web Services

AGRC’s Web API allow developers to access spatial data from their applications and websites for no cost.

Developer Team Blog

Read about work done by AGRC developers.

From the Developer Blog

  • SGID Product Relaunch Update

    In a June 2019 post “SGID Then and Now,” we touched on where we thought the SGID is going. Based on the survey responses from that article, we have changed d...

  • Using Jupyter Notebook for AGRC Collaboration

    At AGRC we greatly value collaboration and sharing ideas. A terrific technology to support these values is the Jupyter Notebook project.

  • Thoughts from Teaching Google and Amazon New Skills

    Developing software for digital assistants is fun and a refreshing change from typical GIS projects. Over the past few months, AGRC was lucky enough to spend...

  • Make Old Dojo Builds More Beautiful With UglifyJS

    Do you have an old project that uses the Dojo Build System (DBS) that has suddenly refused to build? I’ve come across this issue recently and it can be frust...

  • Best Practices for Building Web AppBuilder Widgets

    Recently, I have been working on a project building custom Web AppBuilder (WAB) widgets for a client. This has been an interesting digression from our typica...

  • Image Service Deprecation

    The AGRC brownout of the mapserv image services on from January 5 through 10, 2019, in preparation for the ArcGIS Server upgrade was very su...