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Read about applications created by UGRC developers.

Online Base Maps

UGRC's online map services are available for use at no cost, fast, accurate, and beautiful.

Geospatial Widgets

UGRC’s javascript widgets allow developers to quickly add spatial functionality to their website for no cost.

Geospatial Web Services

UGRC’s Web API allow developers to access spatial data from their applications and websites for no cost.

Developer Team Blog

Read about work done by UGRC developers.

From the Developer Blog

  • Making the best of change with Porter

    In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, GIS data are a key part of decision making and provide the backbone of innovation and progress. These roles d...

  • Introducing palletjack: Updating AGOL feature services from external sources

    From the I Love Being Lazy department

  • Python Shorts: Loading an Open SGID Layer into pandas

    There are a myriad of ways you can access data from the Open SGID. However, these all require some form of desktop client application. What if you want progr...

  • Aggregating and Analyzing Point Data with H3 Hexes and Pandas

  • Introducing Masquerade

    Masquerade is a new proxy service hosted by UGRC that makes our geocoding service and Open SGID datasets easily accessible in Esri products. It does this by ...

  • Python Shorts: The Benefits of Unit Testing

    In the realm of programming, “unit testing” is an automated way of testing small, individual “units” of your code to ensure that when given a specific set of...