Developer Resources

Online Base Maps

AGRC's online map services are available for use at no cost, fast, accurate, and beautiful.

Geospatial Widgets

AGRC’s javascript widgets allow developers to quickly add spatial functionality to their website for no cost.

Geospatial Web Services

AGRC’s Web API allow developers to access spatial data from their applications and websites for no cost.

Developer Team Blog

Read about work done by developers.

From the Developer Blog

  • Why I Speak at Conferences and You Should Too

    Recently, I tried to gather all of the presentations that I have participated in during my career up to this point (~10 years). I was able to find materials ...

  • Converting Dojo-AMD Projects To TypeScript

    At some point in every TypeScript introduction that I have been to, the presenter says something to the effect of:

  • Using AGRC's new Web Mercator Services in Your Web Maps

    Recently, AGRC, in conjunction with DNR, hosted an open house discussing AGRC’s basemap and imagery strategies. During this open house, AGRC discussed detail...

  • Mock your Dojo AMD modules with StubModule.js

    When testing AMD modules it is sometimes necessary to verify how it interacts with it's dependencies. For example, you might be writing a module that makes X...

  • Boost Your Productivity With Vim

    I was surprised to realize today that I have never written about one of my favorite tools that I use to write code. It's something that absolutely transf...

  • Staying in the Zone with AMD Butler

    [Update(3/17/16): This plugin has been ported to an Atom Editor package called amdbutler.] A few months ago, I built a simple plugin for Sublime Text 3 ...