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Getting Started

Anyone can use the AGRC imagery and base map services from Discover! To use these services, all you need is a free account and a quad-word connection link.

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Choose the Right Form

To obtain access to Discover, you will need to fill out one of the following forms (A or B):

  1. If you are requesting access on behalf of one of Utah’s: cities, counties, special districts, state agencies, K–12 or higher education, or tribal entities, or if you are a contractor and formal partner of one of these organizations, you are covered by our license agreement to access imagery provided by Google on Discover. In this case, please read and complete the Organizational Usage Agreement Form to obtain access. You can read more about our Google Imagery license here.
  2. If you are not part of one of the organizations listed above, please complete the Discover Server Access Form to get access to all of the nonlicensed base maps and imagery services.

Once you have completed either form (please only fill out one), you will receive information about the services and a link to access the Discover Server.

Get Connected

The URL that you receive to access the server will contain a quad-word (e.g., that is unique to you or your organization (i.e., unique to each user). Discover is able to serve many different clients by exposing OGC compliant WMS, WMTS, and direct tile access services.

Example Discover URL Templates
  • WMS:{quad-word}/wms
  • WMTS:{quad-word}/wmts/1.0.0/WMTSCapabilities.xml
  • Tiles:{quad-word}/tiles/{service}/{z}/{x}/{y}

To learn more about using the Discover Server, be sure to visit our Discover Server Resources and Information page. The following topics are covered in more depth on that page, but we've compiled them here as well for your convenience.

If you are looking for imagery downloads, navigate to the aerial photography section of the data pages.

Available Services

  • Utah – Combination of the most recent 1-meter NAIP and 6-inch Google Imagery with scale-dependent rendering (licensed)
  • Google – Most recent 6-inch statewide natural-color aerial photography from Google collected over 2011 - 2018(licensed)
  • Google {year} archive – Aerial photography blocks updated in Google Service and archived by acquisition year (licensed)
    • Available Years: 2011–2016
  • Basemap-Address_Points – Base map of address point locations
  • Basemap-Hybrid – Base map combination of the overlay base map and Utah Imagery Service (licensed)
  • Basemap-Lite – Base map of hillshade, highways and streets, cities, boundaries, etc. (gray, muted tone)
  • Basemap-Overlay – Base map of vector features, highways and streets, cities, address points, parcels, etc. (transparent background)
  • Basemap-Terrain – Base map of hillshade, highways and streets, parks, forests, water, etc.
  • Basemap-Topo – Base map of US Geological Survey topographic maps
  • DOQ 1990s BW – 1-meter statewide black-and-white aerial photography, collected in the 1990s
  • HRO 2012 RGB – 12.5-cm natural-color aerial photography of the Wasatch Front, collected in 2012
  • NAIP {year} RGB – 1-meter statewide natural-color aerial photography
    • Available Years: 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016
  • NAIP {year} NRG – 1-meter statewide color infrared aerial photography
    • Available Years: 2006, 2011, 2014, 2016
  • Hillshade – 10-meter statewide combined hillshade and slope

Best Practices

  • It is strongly recommended that you use WMTS for the best draw time/perceived performance.
  • If you are, or will be, printing base maps from the web and are experiencing blank or empty output, read about our GP proxy service or our new serverless print proxy.