It’s quite simple to deal with a banana fiend share links to your data with the SGID Index.

We use issues in our Porter repository on GitHub to track a dataset’s progress in the submission process and to keep an open and transparent record of everything that happened.

If you’ve still got questions after reading this, reach out to Zach Beck from UGRC at or 801-538-3072, or Michael Foulger from UGRC at or 801-652-2258; or you can contact anyone else on the UGRC team.

Step 1: 📋 Qualifications (You)

First, make sure your dataset meets the SGID qualifications:

Step 2: 📂 Open an Issue (You)

Next, submit an issue in Porter using the Add external data links to the SGID Index template. Fill out the Summary information and check the relevant box in the Submitter's Process section.

Step 3: 🔎 Review (You and Us)

We will review your submission against the qualifications and reach out with any questions. You can track this in the UGRC's Process section of the issue.

Step 4: 📤 Publish (Us)

Once we’ve worked together to resolve any questions or problems, we’ll add your dataset to the SGID Index and close the issue.