Agricultural Protection Areas Sample

Agricultural Protection Areas

  • Category: Farming
  • Data Type: GIS Data Layer
  • Steward(s): UDAF
  • Abstract: These datasets contain statewide Agricultural Protection Area boundaries for use in planning and land management.

Agricultural Protection Areas

Agricultural Protection Areas

This layer compiles Utah property parcels that have been included in an Agriculture Protection Area (APA) resolution.

APAs are approved by the county in which they are located, and catalogued by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

APAs provide legal protection for agricultural land uses and activities, it also provides notice to neighboring landowners that they border an APA and should expect normal agricultural activities to take place.

Not every county has created APAs; Sanpete and Sevier Counties have created APAs, but they are currently not included in this dataset.

Utah Code Title 17, Chapter 41(Agriculture, Industrial, or Critical Infrastructure Materials Protection Areas) details how Agriculture Protection Areas are created.

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  • July 2022