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Utah Water Related Land Use

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Category: Planning Data Type: Polygon GIS data Steward: DNR DWRe

Water usage-related polygon map data, published annually by the Utah Division of Water Resources at DNR that depicts the types and extent of irrigated crops, as well as information concerning phreatophytes, wet/open water areas, dry land agriculture and residential/industrial areas. The primary business driver for this dataset is for constructing and analyzing the state's annual water budget.

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A closer look

As part of developing and updating the State Water Plan, the Utah Division of Water Resources , opens in a new tab collects water-related land use data for the entire state. This data includes the types and extent of irrigated crops as well as information concerning phreatophytes, wet/open water areas, dry land agriculture and residential/industrial areas.

The data produced by the water-related land use program are used for various planning purposes. Some of these include: determining cropland water use, evaluating irrigated land losses and conversion to urban uses, planning for new water development, estimating irrigated acreages for any area, and developing water budgets. Additionally, the data are utilized by many other state and federal agencies. Water-related land use can be used to depict Irrigation type (Irrigated, Sub-Irrigated, Non-Irrigated, Riparian, Urban, etc).

The Landuse and IRR_Method fields are described below.

  • Landuse - A general land cover classification differentiating how the land is used:
    • Agriculture: Land managed for crop or livestock purposes.
    • Other: A broad classification of wildland.
    • Riparian/Wetland: Wildland influenced by a high water table, often close to surface water.
    • Urban: Developed areas, includes urban green space such as parks.
    • Water: Surface water such as wet flats, streams, and lakes.
  • IRR_Method - Crop Irrigation Method carried over from statewide field surveys ending in 2015 and updated based on imagery and yearly field checks.
    • Drip: Water is applied through lines that slowly release water onto the surface or subsurface of the crop.
    • Dry Crop: No irrigation method is applied to this agricultural land, the crop is irrigated via natural processes.
    • Flood: Water is diverted from ditches or pipes upland from the crop in sufficient quantities to flood the irrigated plot.
    • None: Associated with non-agricultural land
    • Sub-irrigated: This land does not have irrigation water applied, but due to a high water table receives more water, and is generally closely associated with a riparian area.

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