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UGRC in law


Statutes and Administrative Rules

State of Utah statute and administrative rules pertaining to Geographic Information Systems & Mapping

UGRC: Utah Geospatial Resource Center

UCA 63A-16-505

Enabling code for UGRC. Includes position within DTS, responsibilities for SGID; provision of services to state, local, federal, & private orgs; assistance with boundary data; surveyor position; cadastral & parcel database.

SGID: State Geographic Information Database

UCA 63A-16-506

UGRC manages SGID GIS data, standards, & clearinghouse. State agencies directed to provide all geospatial data classified as public to be included in the SGID.

TURN GPS: The Utah Reference Network

UCA 63A-16-508

High precision statewide GPS base station reference network.

Survey Monument Replacement and Restoration Committee

UCA 63A-16-509

Creates the Monument Replacement and Restoration Committee and provides for the committee's membership, terms, and responsibility for administration and reporting for a grant program to counties.

Utah Coordinate System And Datum Standards

UCA 57-10

Establishes state plane coordinate systems and use of the 1983 datum after Jan 1, 2002.

Funding For UGRC E911 Digital Mapping Standards


An amount equal to one cent per month levy on telecommunications service under Section 69-2-5.6 to enhance and upgrade digital mapping standards for unified statewide 911 emergency service as required by the committee.

Boundary Change Notification

UCA 67-1a-6.5

Boundary change notification requirements (to Lt. Gov, UGRC and other offices) are covered in several statutes including: 67-1a-6.5: Lt. Gov certification; 20A-14-201: School Dists; 17C-2-109, 17C-3-108, 17-4-107: RDA projects

Municipal Planning, Regional & Capital Facilities Notification

UCA 10-9a-203

Several statutes require notification of UGRC prior to beginning or amending general plans or in cases of planned regional facility infrastructure. These include: 10-9a-203, 17-27a-203, 17B-1-106, 53G-3-204, 54-3-28

Voting Precincts Filed with UGRC

UCA 20A-5-303

In HB131 (2002, Rep. Pace) UGRC is directed to work with counties and the Lt. Gov’s office to maintain current voter precinct and other boundaries in the SGID.

Broadband Mapping

UCA 63N-17-202

UGRC may be called upon to partner with the GOEO's Utah Broadband Center to provide map-related support to inventorying and communicating Utah's broadband service landscape.

RS2477 and Cadastral Grants Committee

UCA 63A-16-507

This committee was originally set up to administer RS2477 grants but evolved to also administer cadastral grants. Through '08, the committee has distributed about $5,000,000 in grants with UGRC doing all contract administration, QA, & SGID Integration.

UGRC Role in RS2477 Records

UCA 72-5-309

In 2005, UGRC was further required to provide access to recorded documents for RS2477.

UGRC Support for RS2477 Mapping

UCA 72-5-304

In approximately 1997, legislation was passed that required UGRC to complete and maintain a database for RS2477.

Utah Government Records Access and Management Act

UCA 63G-2

Utah's open records law and description of protected, private, and controlled records.

IT Plans Data Creation And Acquisition Included

UCA 63A-16-205

HB109 created additional responsibilities for UGRC as HB109 directed that "data" be included in IT planning efforts. UGRC now reviews IT Plans and consults with agencies on geospatial technology activities including data creation and acquisition.

GIS Advisory Committee Administrative Rule


Summary: The purpose of this rule is to establish an advisory council to coordinate statewide GIS data efforts for collection, creation, and access, and to mutual collaboration by state entities.