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Utah has a robust and active geospatial community with a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. There are ample opportunities to connect at the local, regional, and statewide levels, and beyond. You can join with colleagues from public and private industry who are passionate about GIS and willing to cooperate and find new solutions. Find your community, get connected, and get involved!

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Come and join your colleagues at the myriad of GIS-related events each year within Utah and beyond, with a focus on learning and fun. Whether you're giving a presentation, displaying your work in a map gallery, or simply showing up to observe, each event offers a unique opportunity to engage with your peers and share your knowledge, learn from others, network, and make new friends.

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Explore our knowledge base of informative blog posts, free training opportunities, past presentations, and even our logos. Our goal is to make all of our knowledge open and accessible so you can apply what we've learned to your own projects and solutions (and learn from our mistakes!). We greatly value contributing to an informed GIS workforce in Utah.

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National States Geographic Information Council. The national council to advance state-led geospatial coordination for the nation.
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The Spatial Community Slack workspace

A forum for connecting with a global community of GIS enthusiasts and experts.

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