The following guidelines apply when using the Open SGID database.


  • Search our known-issues page if you are having trouble.
  • Create new issues on GitHub if you find a bug or need help.
  • Contact Zach Beck from UGRC at if you need further assistance.
  • Use for a wide variety of individual purposes, such as:
    • Cartography
      • Make cool maps
    • Geoprocessing
      • Solve problems
    • Analysis
      • Write spatial queries
    • Scripting
      • Click fewer buttons
    • Exploring
      • Discover a rich catalog of statewide, open source spatial data

Do Not

  • Create web or map services from Open SGID tables.
  • Create processes that make excessive database calls.
  • Keep a connection open for multiple days.

UGRC will offer support for the Open SGID from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please contact UGRC beforehand if you need to plan for assistance outside of this time frame.

Visit the Open SGID GitHub repository for more information, including the current database version, connection information, and known issues.

Visit the Open SGID connection page for examples on how to connect using a few of the more common applications.