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TURN GPS Network Updates

Author · Bert Granberg
Published · Sep 13, 2013
Last modified · Apr 1, 2024
Category · TURN
Read time · 2 min

This week UGRC began a transition to updated TURN GPS network software by doing the initial install on a separate server from the existing system.

The two separate systems will operate independently for approximately four weeks. During this time we will be testing the new network and verifying the performance and precision against the existing system. During the transition there will be no disruption to the existing network and you can plan to do business as usual.

When we are satisfied with the performance of the new system we will provide information on how all users with a valid subscription can connect. And shortly, thereafter, the existing server will be decommissioned.

As part of the upgrade, UGRC has been testing and researching the impacts of moving the TURN GPS network spatial reference from NAD 83 (CORS 96) epoch 2002 to NAD 83 (2011) epoch 2010. We are finding some small differences between NAD 83 (CORS 96) epoch 2002 and NAD 83 (2011), but we feel it is time to move forward with the updated NAD 83 (2011).

The new system will be configured with NAD 83 (2011) epoch 2010 coordinates.

A full report showing these coordinate differences will be distributed to all subscribers via email in mid September.

Please begin to prepare for this change which is expected to go live sometime in mid October and share this update information within your organization.

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Sean Fernandez