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Newest city added to state and Municipal Boundary updates for Third Quarter 2018

Author · Mike Heagin
Published · Sep 4, 2018
Last modified · Mar 20, 2024
Category · SGID Updates
Read time · 2 min

We would like to welcome the newest incorporated town: Bluff, in San Juan County. On July 19, 2018, Bluff joined the state’s growing list of towns, becoming the 248th municipality. With an estimated population of about 300 people, Bluff is in 214th place population wise, but the town’s 37 square miles in size ranks it in the top ten at number nine. As temperatures cool down and fall rolls in, head down to the southeast corner and give Bluff a visit.

Meanwhile, it was a quiet summer for annexations throughout the rest of the state, except for in Utah County, which is always expanding. And remember that changes to city boundaries can affect voting precincts, school districts, and other issues. So be sure to share data with your county clerk’s offices or others that may have an interest. It’s important that geospatial data stays up to date, as the census is coming in 2020. Sharing data with your county clerk’s office can help the State get all the geographic boundaries in order so we can get everything to the US Census Bureau and into the federal database.

Following are the changes and annexations since July 6, 2018, listed by county and city:

CountyCityNumber of Changes
CacheHyde Park1
San JuanBluff Incorporation1
UtahAmerican Fork2
Pleasant Grove1
Saratoga Springs2