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UGRC Utah Geospatial Resource Center

Welcome to the State Geographic Information Database (SGID)

The SGID aims to be the primary source for state-wide GIS data in Utah by creating a single portal to datasets created by many different agencies and organizations. With such a broad scope, SGID datasets live in many different places depending on their type, availability, and popularity:

  • The UGRC-curated Open SGID database
  • ArcGIS Online hosted feature services
  • SGID Open Data site
  • Raster Discovery web app
  • Discover base map and imagery services
  • The UGRC Web API

The SGID Index collects all these different datasets and locations into one easy-to-search list. It includes links to detailed information pages about UGRC-maintained datasets as well as direct links to the authoritative sources for datasets served by other state agencies. You can also click on a category icon below for a summary of related datasets.

Are you curious about the technology and processes that we use to keep SGID data updated and available? Then the SGID Data Flow diagram will surely pique your interest.

Search the SGID Index

Choosing a Data Source

With so many ways to get SGID Data, how do you you know which one to use? We created a guide to help you understand the best ways to access the data based on your use case.

Browsing for Data
- Use the SGID Index
- Search the SGID Open Data site
- Browse the Utah SGID groups in our ArcGIS Online organization
Desktop mapping (ArcGIS, QGIS, etc)
- Connect directly to the Open SGID to load UGRC-curated vector data
- Consume feature services from ArcGIS Online or Open Data
- Download shapefiles or geodatabases from Open Data or from the steward's website
- Add a raster base map or imagery from Discover
- Download raster data from the Raster Discovery web app
ArcGIS Online webmaps and storymaps
- Consume feature services from ArcGIS Online or Open Data
- Add a raster base map or imagery from Discover
Custom web app development
- Consume feature services from ArcGIS Online or Open Data
- Zoom to an address and search for a boundary or nearby feature with the UGRC Web API
- Add a raster base map or imagery from Discover
Geocoding Addresses
- Geocode individual addresses with the UGRC Web API
- Download our Geocoding Toolbox to geocode a table of addresses with the UGRC Web API

Contributing to the SGID

If you or your agency are a steward of Utah GIS data layers, you can get the best return on your hard work and investment by sharing your data with the SGID. This ensures your data resources are available to the broadest audience possible.

  • Adding links to your GIS datasets to the SGID Index increases the odds they won't be duplicated by others and that they can be easily and quickly found by the broadest audience.
  • Datasets that meet our qualifications can be added to our curated collection of datasets hosted in the Open SGID and our ArcGIS Online organization.
  • Web services hosted through ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise that are relevant to the Utah GIS community can be added to the SGID Open Data site.

If you have additional questions or other data files or web services that should be included in the Utah SGID, please contact Zach Beck from UGRC at or 801-538-3072, or Michael Foulger from UGRC at or 801-652-2258, or anyone else on the UGRC team.

More information about the core datasets UGRC regularly updates and what you can contribute can be found from the GIS Data Sharing page.