Aerial Photography Layers for Utah


Google License | (natural color (RGB), ~6" pixels)

AGRC owns a public sector license to Google's statewide 6" aerial photography. Contractors and partners may also qualify. The Google license is for color aerial photography, typically collected within 3 years, from the spring, summer or fall. The imagery is statewide. The resolution is 6 inch or better with a horizontal positional accuracy to achieve or exceed one meter (C90) in most areas without significant vertical relief.


HRO | (natural color (RGB) and/or false color (CIR), ~1' or ~6" pixels)

High Resolutaion Orthophotography is color aerial photography typically collected every 2 or 3 years in the spring or fall for select areas in Utah. The resolution is 1 foot or better with a horizontal positional accuracy of +- 75cm for 2006 and 2009 and +- 37.5cm for 2012 imagery. The 2003 Urban Area Orthoimagery (UAO) is considered part of the HRO collection. Currently there is HRO imagery from 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012.

HRO Orthophotography Interactive Map
2012 HRO 6 Inch Orthophotography
2009 HRO 1 Foot Orthophotography
2006 HRO 1 Foot Orthophotography
2003 UAO 1 Foot Orthophotography


NAIP | (natural color (RGB) and/or false color (CIR), ~1 meter pixels)

National Agricultural Imagery Program is color aerial photography typically collected ever 2 or 3 years in the middle of the summer. Starting in 2006 the acquisitions have been statewide. The resolution is usually 1 meter with a horizontal positional accuracy of 5 meters. In addition to the 3-band Red Green Blue (RGB) color imagery, there is a color-infrared dataset from 2006, and a 3-band and 4-band dataset from 2009. The 2011 dataset is 4-band for the TIFF images and 3-band for the county moasics. The 2014 dataset is 3-band with separate single band image tiles for the 4th band for the TIFF images, the county moasics are 3-band. Currently there is NAIP imagery from 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2016.

NAIP Orthophotography Interactive Map
2016 NAIP 1 Meter Orthophotography
2014 NAIP 1 Meter Orthophotography
2011 NAIP 1 Meter Orthophotography
2009 NAIP 1 Meter Orthophotography
2006 and older NAIP 1 Meter Orthophotography


DOQ | (black & white, ~1 meter pixels)

Digital Orthophoto Quads are typically Black and White aerial photos with a 1 meter resolution. In some cases the DOQs are .5 meter, color or 4-band. The boundaries of the imagery tiles correspond to the boundaries of 1:24,000 USGS topographic maps. The 1990's collection is statewide.

DOQ Orthophotography Interactive Map
Mid 1990's 1 Meter Orthophotography
2003 1 Meter Color DOQs (Beaver and Iron Co Only)
1977 1 Meter DOQs (Salt Lake County Only)
1936-1952 Soil Conservation Service (SCS) photomaps
1970s 1 Meter Color and Infrared DOQs

1935-Present UGS Scanned Aerial Imagery Collection

* All aerial photography downloads from AGRC, with the exception of the Google imagery, have a UTM NAD83 zone 12 north meters projection
* If you are having problems with the imagery from AGRC take a look at this document

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