AGRC has statewide National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) aerial photography for Utah. The imagery is 1-meter resolution and was collected in the summer of 2016. Although the NAIP imagery collection is typically 4-band imagery, we have separated the Red, Green, and Blue bands from the Infrared band. To merge the RGB images with the single infrared band to create a 4-band image you can use the ArcGIS Composite Bands (Data Management) tool, the Image Analysis window to add a Function Chain, or create a Reference Mosaic. 3-band Mr. Sid county mosaics are also available.

The date the photography was flown can be found in the SrcImgDate field of the NAIP2016_Index shapefile, in the .txt metadata files after Calendar_Date:, or the SDATE field of the county mosaics shapefile. The images have a UTM NAD83 meters projection.

Retrieve 2016 NAIP via Interactive Map

* If you are having problems with the imagery from AGRC, read this document.

If you have any trouble contact Rick Kelson at (801-538-3237)