Zip Codes
Zip Codes

Zip Codes

  • Category: Boundaries
  • Data Type: GIS Data Layer
  • Steward(s): UGRC
  • Abstract: This dataset contains the estimated geographic extents for all five digit zip codes in Utah that are not P.O. box only.

Zip Code Boundaries

Zip Codes

Zip Codes Boundaries represent an ongoing effort to approximate the geographic extents of five digit zip codes. The dataset was produced using a combination of methods and is based on several sets of source data. Editing methods include:

  1. Using local zipcode polygon data obtained from counties and cities.
  2. Identifying place locations (cities, towns, populated areas, etc.) from the postal service website and address information system (AIS) and building zipcode boundaries around these places.
  3. Using the 2000 Census TIGER line file’s zip code attributes.

In addition, UGRC has used the locations of mailing addresses known to be valid to fine tune this dataset. The native spatial reference for this dataset is UTM Zone 12N, NAD83 (0.01 meter coordinate precision). There are no constraints or warranties with regard to the use of this dataset. Users are encouraged to attribute content to: State of Utah, SGID.

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Comments, questions, compliments, or concerns can be directed to Greg Bunce from UGRC at or 801-349-0039.

Downloads and Web Services
  • Utah ZIP Code Areas: SGID Open Data Downloads and APIs
  • Utah ZIP Code Areas: File Geodatabase
  • Utah ZIP Code Areas: Shapefile
  • April, 2022 - Improved boundaries in Davis county
  • November, 2019 - Added 84765 polygon for Motoqua in Washington County
  • January, 2019 - Added 84059 zip code in Utah County
  • February, 2016 - Updated 84321, 84235, 85326, 84332, 84339
  • July, 2015 - Split the 84095 (South Jordan) zip code along the Bangerter Hwy to create the new zip code 84009 (South Jordan)
  • January, 2015 - Improvements were made to 84773 (Teasdale) and 84775 (Torrey)
  • January, 2015 - Adjusted the 84747 (Loa) and 84716 (Boulder) zip code boundaries to follow the address grid quadrant boundaries