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Aquifers map data USGS & DEQ Aquifer basin fill boundary and aquifer recharge areas. Shallow ground water.
Avalanche Paths map data AGRC Avalanche paths in the tri-canyon area of the Wasatch Front, Utah.
Debris Flow map data UGS These datasets represent debris-flow hazard study boundaries for the Wasatch Front.
Engineering map data UGS Engineering geologic problem sites.
Faults map data UGS Quaternary faults and folds.
Geology map data UGS Locations of geologic contacts, dikes, formations, markers, and veins in Utah.
Geologic Units map data UGS Geologic units for Moab/San Rafael, Nephi, and Price.
Liquefaction and Landslides map data UGS Liquefaction potential for 6 counties in northern Utah and liquefaction potential for the Wasatch Front. Landslide potential for the Wasatch front.
Minerals map data USGS Mineral deposit locations.
Quaternary map data UGS Quaternary deformations, fault folds, volcanic flows, and volcanic vents.
Seismology & Volcanology map data UGS Modern epicenters and fault lines. Surface fault rupture for the Wasatch Front. Volcanic cones in Utah.
Soil map data UGS Extent of defined soil types throughout Utah.
Soil Conservation Districts & Zones map data AGRC & USDA-NRCS Soil conservation districts and zones.

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