Health Care Facilities

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Healthcare Facilities

  • Data Type: GIS Data Layer
  • Steward(s): AGRC, Utah Department of Health, Utah Division of Emergency Management
  • Abstract: The Healthcare Facilities data package contains all the datasets available that represent healthcare facilities in Utah. The package includes a general Healthcare Facilities dataset as well as a specialized dataset that contains locations of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) facilities.

Package Contents

The following data is available for download:


Health.HealthCareFacilities represents clinics, dialysis centers, hospitals, and other healthcare related facilities. This dataset is a work in progress. Listed below are more completed datasets for specific types of healthcare facilities. Questions can be directed to AGRC.

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Health.EmergencyMedicalServices represents the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Facilities throughout the state of Utah. An EMS Facility is any location where emergency medical services personnel are stationed or based out of, or where EMS equipment is stored and ready use. Health.EmergencyMedicalServices includes both private and governmental entities. The NAME field contains the name of the EMS Facility. Questions can be directed to AGRC.

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