Auto-Correlated Sample
Auto-Correlated DEM Extent

Auto-Correlated DEM Extents

  • Category: Indices
  • Data Type: GIS Data Layer
  • Steward(s): UGRC
  • Abstract: This dataset contains GIS mapping data representing the auto-correlated DEM Elevations data available in the State of Utah.

Auto-Correlated DEM Extents

AutoCorrelated DEM Extents is a polygon dataset of the areas where auto-correlated DEM elevation is available in the State of Utah.

The auto-correlation process is not as rigorous as other methods of elevation modeling such as photogrammetry, LiDAR mapping, radar mapping, etc, and therefore end-users should be aware that anomalies are expected within the elevation dataset.

These boundaries are maintained by UGRC. There are no changes or updates anticipated for this dataset.

Each polygon extent contains the following attribute fields when available or applicable:

  • Resolution - the resolution or pixel size of the data
  • Year_Collected - the year collected
  • Description - a short description
  • File_Format - the file format
  • File_Extension - the file extension
  • Average_File_Size - the average file size of an individual image tile
  • Total_Size - the total file size of the entire product collection
  • Horizontal_Accuracy - the horizontal positional accuracy
  • Vertical_Accuracy - the vertical positional accuracy
  • Total_Square_Miles - the total square miles of the dataset
  • Contact - contact information
  • In_House - whether or not it is distributed from UGRC's FTP site
  • FTP_Path - the FTP directory to download the data from
  • Product - a generalize product name
  • Category - a generalized product category name
  • Estimated_Date - an estimated date the data was collected
  • HTML_Page - the URL to a webpage for the product
  • REST_Endpoint - the REST end point URL
  • LYR_File - a layer pointer and symbology
  • FlightDate_Location - where to find the exact flight date for each individual tile of data
  • Tile_Index - the tile index in the SGID for each product
  • Upload_Date - the date the polygon extent was loaded into the dataset

The native spatial reference for this dataset is UTM Zone 12N, NAD83 (0.01 meter coordinate precision). There are no constraints or warranties with regard to the use of this dataset. Users are encouraged to attribute content to: State of Utah, SGID.

This dataset is maintained by UGRC in partnership with state and local government.

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