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Current Utah State Legislators (non-geospatial) web service Legislative Research & General Counsel This XML webservice allows developers to access the current list of State Senators and State Representatives as well as information regarding individual Legislators (name, district, party, address, email, position, photo, website, etc).
2012 House, Senate, School Board & Congressional Districts map data AGRC New Utah State House, Senate and School Board Districts and new U.S. Congressional Districts. These districts take affect in the fall 2012 elections.
2002 House, Senate & Congressional Districts map data AGRC Current (2002 -2011) Utah State House & Senate Districts and U.S Congressional Districts.
Voting Precincts map data AGRC, Lt. Governor's Office Voting precinct areas, also known as VISTA ballot areas.
Judicial Districts map data AGRC Judicial Districts, or District Court Districts, are state trial courts of general jurisdiction. There are 71 full-time district judges serving in the state's eight judicial districts.
State, County and Municipal Boundaries map data AGRC Utah state boundary, county boundaries, and municipal boundaries

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