Web Mercator Services

Instructions for using Discover services in ArcMap 10.x:

  1. In ArcMap go to Add Data -> GIS Server -> Add WMTS server
  2. Paste the WMTS link you have been provided into the URL: line and click OK
  3. Navigate to the newly added utah imagery – WMTS on discover.agrc.utah.gov connection and double click to connect.
    • You can rename the connection after it has been added
  4. You should see a list of imagery and base map services (explained below):
    • Utah – Combination of the most recent 1-meter NAIP and 6-inch Google imagery with scale dependent rendering (licensed)
    • Google – 6-inch statewide natural color aerial photography from Google collected within the last 3 years (licensed)
    • Google *year*archive – Aerial photography blocks updated in Google service and archived by acquisition year (licensed)
    • Basemap-Address_Points – Base map of address point locations
    • Basemap-Hybrid - Base map combination of the Overlay base map and Utah imagery service (licensed)
    • Basemap-Lite – Base map of hillshade, HWYs/streets, cities, boundaries, etc. (gray, muted tone)
    • Basemap-Overlay – Base map of vector features HWYs/streets, cities, address points, parcels, etc. (transparent background)
    • Basemap-Terrain – Base map of hillshade, HWYS/streets, parks, forests, water, etc.
    • Basemap-Topo – Base map of USGS topographic maps
    • DOQ 1990s BW – 1-meter statewide black & white aerial photography collected in 1990’s
    • HRO 2012 RGB – 12.5-cm natural color aerial photography collected in 2012 of the Wasatch Front
    • NAIP *year* RGB – 1-meter statewide natural color aerial photography
    • NAIP *year* NRG – 1-meter statewide color infrared aerial photography
    • Hillshade – 10 meter statewide combined hillshade and slope


UTM Services

The UTM base maps were deprecated on January 31, 2017

If you need continued support of the UTM base maps, we will be offering the tiles for on premise use. Please contact AGRC for details.