Web Mercator Services

Instructions for using Discover services in ArcMap 10.x:

  1. In ArcMap go to Add Data -> GIS Server -> Add WMTS server
  2. Paste the WMTS link you have been provided into the URL: line and click OK
  3. Navigate to the newly added utah imagery – WMTS on discover.agrc.utah.gov connection and double click to connect.
    • You can rename the connection after it has been added
  4. You should see a list of imagery and base map services (explained below):
    • utah – 6-inch statewide natural color aerial photography collected within the last 3 years (licensed)
    • utah_*year*archive – Aerial photography blocks updated in utah service and archived by acquisition year (licensed)
    • doq_1990’s_bw – 1-meter statewide black & white aerial photography collected in 1990’s
    • hro_2012_rgb – 12.5-cm natural color aerial photography collected in 2012 of the Wasatch Front
    • naip_*year*_rgb – 1-meter statewide natural color aerial photography
    • naip_*year*_nrg – 1-meter statewide color infrared aerial photography
    • hillshade – 10 meter 4-way statewide shaded relief
    • address_points-basemap – Base map of address point locations
    • lite-basemap – Base map of hillshade, HWYs/streets, cities, boundaries, etc. (gray, muted tone)
    • overlay-basemap – Base map of vector features HWYs/streets, cities, address points, parcels, etc. (transparent background)
    • terrain-basemap – Base map of hillshade, HWYS/streets, parks, forests, water, etc.
    • topo-basemap – Base map of USGS topographic maps


UTM Basemaps

The planned date to turn off UTM base maps is 1/1/2017. Unless you must utilize UTM services it is suggested that you utilize the services above from Discover. Contact AGRC if you will need continued support of UTM base map tiles.

Instructions for using mapserv.utah.gov services in ArcMap 10.x:

  1. In ArcMap, click the Add Data button
  2. At the top of the Add Data window, set the Look In: pick list to point at GIS Servers
  3. Select Add ArcGIS Server and then choose the Use GIS Services option
  4. Set the Internet Server URL to: http://mapserv.utah.gov/arcgis/services
  5. Click Finish and then double click the newly added item arcgis on mapserv.utah.gov to connect
  6. From the BaseMaps folder, Select the services(s) of your choice from the list below then click Add or OK: - AddressPoints (address points with labels) - Hillshade - Hybrid (streets and other vector layers atop imagery) - Lite (gray, muted tone) - Terrain (hillshade, streets, parks, forest, water, etc) - Topo (multiscale mosaic of USGS topo maps) - Vector (streets, land ownership, and boundaries)
  7. From the AerialPhotography__BlackWhite, AerialPhotography__Color, or AerialPhotography__InfraRed folder, Select the imagery service(s) of your choice then click Add or OK

Web developers can embed any of these base map services in web-based and internet-connected applications.