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BLM Field Offices & Forest Service Stations map data UGRC & BLM BLM Field Offices: Utah BLM State Office, Field Offices, Visitor Centers and Field Stations. Forest Stations: Ranger Stations and Forest Offices.
Cemeteries map data Utah State History Cemetery locations in Utah.
Fire Stations map data UGRC Fire station locations in Utah.
Liquor Stores map data UGRC & DABC Locations of liquor stores and package agencies controlled by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) of Utah. Locations and information were collected from the DABC's website.
Open Source Places map data OpenStreetMap Contributers & UGRC Locations of places and points of interest in Utah that have been derived from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.
Places of Worship map data UGRC Locations of Places of Worship in Utah. A "Places of Worship" is composed of any type of building or portion of a building that is used, constructed, designed, or adapted to be used as a place for religious and spiritual activities. These facilities include chapels, churches, mosques, shrines, synagogues, temples, etc.
Post Offices map data UGRC Locations of Utah Post Offices according to an address list from the Salt Lake City USPS District Office.
Public Safety map data UGRC Four groups of Public Safety data related to corrections, fire, law enforcement, and dispatch activities.
Schools & Libraries map data UGRC Locations and information for schools and libraries in Utah.
State Facilities map data UGRC Locations of facilities in Utah that are controlled by the state or by entities of the State of Utah.
State Fuel Sites map data UGRC This dataset contains fuel sites for the State Of Utah and contains the site name and number, address, number of fuel tanks and type, facility type, status and more.
UDOT State Map Features GIS Data Layer UDOT UDOT's map's places of interest.

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