Collarless USGS Topographic Maps at a 1:100000 scale are available for download. These maps are georeferenced in the UTM Zone 12 North, NAD83 projected coordinate system. Click on a Quad Number link below to begin download process. * Shows the Utah county that is at the quads centeroid, or if centroid is not available, a county that intersects the quad.

Last updated October 1, 2008.

Quad Number Quad Name Center (UTM NAD83) Center (County)*
Q9527 Afton 4733172N, 540860E n/a
Q3111 Beaver 4234625N, 368677E BEAVER
Q3535 Blanding 4179145N, 632091E SAN JUAN
Q3935 Bluff 4123670N, 632975E SAN JUAN
Q1103 Bonneville Salt Flat 4514014N, 288867E TOOELE
Q5095 Boulder City 3961885N, 183415E n/a
Q3495 Caliente 4183857N, 191538E WASHINGTON
Q5119 Cameron 3956347N, 454729E n/a
Q4735 Canyon De Chelly 4012731N, 634713E n/a
Q1143 Canyon of Ladore 4514014N, 711007E n/a
Q3503 Cedar City 4181029N, 279668E IRON
Q3895 Clover Mountains 4128360N, 189471E WASHINGTON
Q3943 Cortez 4125544N, 721679E n/a
Q1495 Currie 4461388N, 202221E TOOELE
Q2743 Delta 4292008N, 717205E n/a
Q2311 Delta 4345597N, 370496E MILLARD
Q1943 Douglas Pass 4403003N, 714139E n/a
Q3543 Dove Creek 4181028N, 720204E n/a
Q1527 Duchesne 4455627N, 542465E DUCHESNE
Q1135 Dutch John 4512089N, 626576E DAGGETT
Q2295 Ely 4350366N, 197879E MILLARD
Q3519 Escalante 4178204N, 455887E GARFIELD
Q0727 Evanston 4566631N, 541832E n/a
Q4343 Farmington 4070063N, 723136E n/a
Q9935 Farson 4678623N, 623687E n/a
Q0735 Firehole Canyon 4567596N, 625622E DAGGETT
Q1903 Fish Springs 4403003N, 285735E JUAB
Q9927 Fontenelle Reservoir 4677654N, 541187E n/a
Q4311 Fredonia 4068199N, 366025E n/a
Q5143 Gallup 3959115N, 726001E n/a
Q5135 Ganado 3957269N, 635566E n/a
Q2695 Garrison 4294860N, 195742E MILLARD
Q4319 Glen Canyon Dam 4067266N, 455301E n/a
Q4711 Grand Canyon 4012731N, 365161E n/a
Q2343 Grand Junction 4347504N, 715680E n/a
Q0303 Grouse Creek 4625040N, 292064E BOX ELDER
Q3127 Hanksville 4233679N, 543690E WAYNE
Q3527 Hite Crossing 4178204N, 543987E GARFIELD
Q2327 Huntington 4344644N, 543084E EMERY
Q0295 Jackpot 4627942N, 208905E BOX ELDER
Q3911 Kanab 4123670N, 366898E KANE
Q4327 Kayenta 4067266N, 544573E SAN JUAN
Q0327 Kemmerer 4622140N, 541511E n/a
Q1895 Kern Mountains 4405875N, 200038E MILLARD
Q1127 Kings Peak 4511127N, 542150E DUCHESNE
Q0743 Kinney Rim 4569525N, 709417E n/a
Q3135 La Sal 4234625N, 631197E SAN JUAN
Q4695 Lake Mead 4017374N, 185410E n/a
Q9503 Lake Walcott 4736081N, 295325E n/a
Q9543 Lander 4736086N, 704536E n/a
Q4303 Littlefield 4070065N, 276737E WASHINGTON
Q3119 Loa 4233680N, 456185E WAYNE
Q0319 Logan 4622140N, 458365E CACHE
Q1911 Lynndyl 4401090N, 371420E JUAB
Q9911 Malad 4678621N, 376190E BOX ELDER
Q2319 Manti 4344644N, 456791E SANPETE
Q2735 Moab 4290109N, 630293E GRAND
Q4703 Mount Trumbull 4014588N, 275295E n/a
Q3927 Navajo Mountain 4122733N, 544282E SAN JUAN
Q1919 Nephi 4400134N, 457099E SANPETE
Q0703 Newfoundland Mountains 4569525N, 290457E BOX ELDER
Q3143 Nucla 4236516N, 718713E n/a
Q9903 Oakley 4680559N, 293687E n/a
Q0719 Ogden 4566631N, 458044E WEBER
Q4295 Overton 4072865N, 187429E n/a
Q3511 Panguitch 4179145N, 367783E GARFIELD
Q5103 Peach Springs 3959115N, 273872E n/a
Q9535 Pinedale 4734143N, 622705E n/a
Q4727 Pinon 4011804N, 544861E n/a
Q9511 Pocatello 4734141N, 377172E n/a
Q5127 Polacca 3956347N, 545145E n/a
Q9919 Preston 4677653N, 458689E RICH
Q1927 Price 4400134N, 542776E CARBON
Q0711 Promontory Point 4567595N, 374253E BOX ELDER
Q1519 Provo 4455628N, 457411E UTAH
Q1543 Rangley 4458507N, 712581E n/a
Q0343 Red Desert Basin 4625041N, 707811E n/a
Q2711 Richfield 4290109N, 369581E MILLARD
Q4335 Rock Point 4068198N, 633849E SAN JUAN
Q0335 Rock Springs 4623108N, 624659E n/a
Q9895 Rogerson 4683467N, 211179E n/a
Q1511 Rush Valley 4456587N, 372355E TOOELE
Q3903 Saint George 4125546N, 278193E WASHINGTON
Q2719 Salina 4289160N, 456487E SEVIER
Q1119 Salt Lake City 4511127N, 457726E SUMMIT
Q2727 San Rafael Desert 4289159N, 543388E EMERY
Q1935 Seep Ridge 4401090N, 628454E UINTAH
Q3919 Smokey Mountain 4122733N, 455592E KANE
Q9519 Soda Springs 4733171N, 459016E n/a
Q9943 South Pass 4680556N, 706174E n/a
Q4743 Toadlena 4014587N, 724577E n/a
Q1111 Tooele 4512089N, 373299E TOOELE
Q0311 Tremonton 4623106N, 375216E BOX ELDER
Q4719 Tuba City 4011804N, 455014E n/a
Q2303 Tule Valley 4347504N, 284193E MILLARD
Q9495 Twin Falls 4738994N, 213473E n/a
Q5111 Valle 3957269N, 364307E n/a
Q1535 Vernal 4456587N, 627520E UINTAH
Q2703 Wah Wah Mountains North 4292008N, 282669E MILLARD
Q3103 Wah Wah Mountains South 4236517N, 281160E BEAVER
Q0695 Wells 4572421N, 206655E TOOELE
Q1095 Wendover 4516903N, 204427E TOOELE
Q2335 Westwater 4345597N, 629378E GRAND
Q1503 Wildcat Mountain 4458507N, 287293E TOOELE
Q3095 Wilson Creek Range 4239357N, 193628E IRON