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Data sharing agreement



The following Data Sharing Agreement applies to all individuals and organizations sharing data with the SGID in any way.

You consent to this Data Sharing Agreement when you submit a Porter issue , opens in a new tab to introduce your data into the SGID. In cases where UGRC submits the Porter issue on your behalf, UGRC will contact you via email to get your consent to this agreement. If you need to discuss different GRAMA/license/disclaimer terms, please note this in the Porter issue.

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Aggregate data
Any data that cover a specific area of the state and are provided by another organization (such as a city or county) for UGRC to combine with other similar data into statewide datasets.
External data
Any data stored or hosted by a person or organization outside of UGRC.
Hosted data
Any data stored, maintained, and served by UGRC, whether created by UGRC or provided by another organization. It may include aggregate data.
SGID entry
Any of the following:
  • Links in the SGID Index to external data.
  • Links and references in the SGID on ArcGIS , opens in a new tab to external data in the form of ArcGIS Online items owned by other organizations.
  • Hosted data in the Open SGID.
  • Hosted data in UGRC's ArcGIS Online organization that are shared with an SGID ArcGIS Online group or the UGRC Shelf group.
The individual or organization that shares data with UGRC for inclusion in the SGID.

General provisions

  • UGRC will make all SGID entries available to the general public without any type of login or account.
  • UGRC may edit any hosted data to fix technical errors that prevent the data from being shared in the SGID.
  • UGRC may edit any aggregate data to conform with established standards and schemas for statewide datasets.
  • UGRC will follow our established SGID policies.
  • The steward will ensure any links or connections to external data remain live and do not require any type of login or account. This includes maintaining a stable layer ID for Esri feature layers.
  • The steward will take reasonable efforts to not modify the schema of all external data, with the exception of adding new fields.
  • The steward will provide UGRC with two weeks prior notice, if possible, of any schema changes to hosted data.
  • UGRC will remove SGID entries according to our removal policy through the normal dataset deprecation process , opens in a new tab .
  • UGRC will grant requests for immediate removal of accidentally shared non-public data or other urgent situations and will handle these on a case-by-case basis

License and disclaimer

The following items apply unless the steward and UGRC specifically negotiate different terms: