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The Utah Reference Network (TURN) GPS is a high-precision global navigation satellite system (GNSS) Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network that provides real-time, high-accuracy GPS positioning. This central system analyzes the input and adjusts and corrects the data to provide the most accurate locations, usually down to centimeter level.

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CORS networks

What is a CORS network and how exactly does it work?

A Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) providing real-time corrections and post-processing data for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), like GPS or Galileo. Our network consists of permanently located GPS receivers installed across Utah and portions of Idaho, Wyoming, and southern Nevada that generate real-time, high-accuracy GPS positioning. These receivers send their data via the Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP) to a central system that analyzes the input to adjust and correct the data to provide the most accurate locations, usually down to centimeter level. Our network uses the Trimble Pivot VRS Platform.

Our TURN GPS network supports a variety of devices from survey units, to drones and self-driving cars.

Satellites around the planet

Getting connected

Once you're ready to get connected to the TURN or Nevada GPS networks, the first step will be to create your new account. We have provided a step-by-step guide to getting started with our network, as well as essential resources for getting the most out of TURN GPS.

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Troubleshooting TURN GPS

If your having trouble connecting to the TURN GPS network on your device, first check to make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. It is important to note that subscriptions can only be used on one device at a time. If someone else is logged into your account, you will not be able to use it until they have logged out.

If you're still having difficulties, you'll want to double-check to confirm that you're using the correct IP address and port number. For the TURN GPS network, you'll want to be using: with port 2101. For the Nevada GPS network, you'll want to be using: with port 2102.

Cellular data is needed in order to connect to the network. For more information about coverage, view the cell coverage in Utah , opens in a new tab and the cell coverage in Nevada , opens in a new tab .

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The following are websites that we recommend for surveyors and other professionals using our network:

  • National Geodetic Survey: , opens in a new tab NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) provides the framework for all positioning activities in the Nation. The foundational elements of latitude, longitude, elevation, and shoreline information impact a wide range of important activities.
  • State Geodetic Coordinators: , opens in a new tab The State Geodetic Coordinator is a designee of a state government agency or university and is not an NGS employee. The Coordinator serves as a liaison between the state and NGS. State Coordinators should have technical expertise in geodesy to make informed decisions and provide guidance for geospatial activities that benefit from connecting to the NSRS. The State Geodetic Coordinator is a primary point of contact for the Regional Geodetic Advisor in their state.
  • NGS Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool , opens in a new tab (NCAT): This tool allows users to easily convert between different coordinate systems and/or transform between different reference frames and/or datums, in a single step.
  • OPUS Projects 5.2: , opens in a new tab OPUS Projects provides simple management and processing tools for your survey projects involving multiple sites and multiple occupations.
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  • Utah Council of Land Surveyors: , opens in a new tab The Utah Council of Land Surveyors strives to establish common interests of all individuals engaged in the surveying profession, define a standard of care intent on protecting the public welfare while encouraging professional ethics and sound surveying practices, promote public awareness of professional land surveyors and their work, and mentor the next generation of surveyors.
  • Utah Association of Counties: , opens in a new tab The Utah Association of Counties (UAC) is a voluntary, statewide organization whose members are the 29 counties of Utah. The counties, through their elected officials, direct UAC activities in providing services to county officials.
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