The UGRC brownout of the mapserv image services on from January 5 through 10, 2019, in preparation for the ArcGIS Server upgrade was very successful. We want to thank you for your participation and apologize for any inconvenience that the brownout may have caused. The few people that were negatively affected and were caught by surprise are now informed about the deprecation of image services and are on the migration path forward. You may reference the original post for instructions on how to prepare for the deprecation.

With the brownout behind us, UGRC has chosen the date of Thursday, February 14, to permanently remove the image services. The deprecation Utah Change Management System reference number is CHG0019495 and will be discussed at the next two change management meetings.

We hope this deprecation does not surprise anyone. If more time is needed for your migration, please let Matt Peters from UGRC at know so we can so we can make other arrangements as soon as possible.

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