The Division of Water Resources (DWRe) at the Department of Natural Resources has created an interactive map gallery using ArcGIS Online to showcase all of DWRe's interactive maps in a single location. The interactive map gallery provides easy navigation and a static location for finding newly created maps.

The maps in the gallery range from a basic water resources reference map to a map of the Fremont River and it's local reservoirs and diversions. The maps can be used to reference anything related to water resources, such as water-related land use, tracking DWRe's projects, and drought conditions/water supply.

For a complete list of all the maps and their descriptions, click here. To view the gallery, click here.

‘Mapping Spotlight’, a new feature for, spotlights some of the many interesting and useful maps being created by state and local government in Utah. If you have a map you'd like considered for the spotlight, contact the staff from UGRC at or 801-538-3665.