It’s a new year and a new start for the state. While we entered the year still under pandemic restrictions, which we have been under for a little more than a year now, we’re still experiencing growth, albeit slower than in other years.

This slower start may be, at least in part, due to the changes brought on by an election and subsequent changes to county and city personnel. The last lieutenant governor is now the governor, and we have a new lieutenant governor and some new staff, who are in charge of annexation and boundaries in the state.

UGRC welcomes Lt. Governor Henderson and any new staff who will be working with us. We also hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.

As always, feel free to check out all the municipal boundaries changes and make sure your boundaries are where you think they should be. You can view them on the Utah Municipality Modifications page.

To review any specific annexation document, go to the Utah Lt. Governor Municipal Certifications page. Changes may be coming for this page location; more on this later.

The following table shows the changes and annexations (listed by county and city) since December 31, 2020:

County City Number of Changes
Box Elder Tremonton 1
Cache Hyde Park 1
  Nibley 1
  Providence 1
  Smithfield 1
Juab Nephi 1
Sevier Richfield 1
Utah Eagle Mountain 1
  Salem 2
  Spanish Fork 2
Weber Ogden 1