The PLSS Corner Management Web Application has been updated with a cleaner look which is much more user friendly. The PLSS web app gives users the ability to view section corner monument record sheets for corners that have already been published throughout the state, and it provides an online form that can be submitted for newly collected data on monuments.

Features of this application include:

  • UGRC standard map caches with an overlay of PLSS township lines, section lines and section points.
  • Zoom tools with options to find a places of interest, a specific township, range and section, and the ability to zoom to specified coordinates.
  • The ability to fill out an easy online form to submit corner data or submit an existing sheet created on your own desktop.

Surveyors and mappers can take advantage of the PLSS web application for section corner reconnaissance, and for acquiring high accuracy GPS coordinates for section corners, while at the same time helping to contribute to the statewide section corner data set by uploading monument record sheets.

GIS data is only as accurate as its base layers, and the PLSS is at the core of all base layers that tie data to the ground. This app is a great resource for accomplishing this task.