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Elevate your GIS, CAD, and web applications with Discover, a cloud-based web service providing aerial imagery and base maps. These services are available in both WMTS and WMS formats from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for broad compatibility and are provided in the Web Mercator WGS84 projection (wkid/EPSG 3857).

Discover offers over 20 services that are free to use (however, a few require a signed license agreement).

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General access

Anyone can sign up for free general access to our base maps, NAIP aerial imagery, and older high-resolution orthophoto (HRO) products. These make great backdrops for many different datasets, and the NAIP imagery is a great free-to-use aerial imagery layer for medium- and small-scale maps.

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Licensed access

Utah state agencies, cities, counties, special service districts, students and faculty at educational institutions, and tribal entities (along with formal partners of these groups) can sign up for licensed access to our latest state-wide high-resolution aerial imagery in both streaming and downloadable formats along with all our base maps and other imagery.

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Get connected

The WMTS and WMS links you receive after registering for access work in a wide variety of software programs and web development platforms. We've put together guides for the most popular programs to help you get started.

Popular resources

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Citing your sources

If you use the licensed imagery in a published product, you need to cite the imagery provider.
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Base map update schedule

See when your favorite base map was last updated with our authoritative data.

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