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Solutions for government agencies

UGRC uses a cost recovery model to contract with State of Utah agencies to provide high quality, innovative, and cost effective GIS, mapping, and data-related solutions and services.

Drawing on extensive experience in the geospatial field, we've encountered diverse challenges and solutions. Whether our partnership with you is large or small, reaching out to us early in your process often ensures the best return on investment and the smoothest path to success.

Below are the common areas where we collaborate with other government agencies, yet we excel at everything “spatial”. Contact us today to start a conversation about how GIS and geospatial data can meet your agency's goals and business objectives and how UGRC can help.

Plan with us

UGRC can help government agencies develop strategies and plans for implementing robust and effective GIS solutions to meet agency goals and their audience or constituents' needs. From troubleshooting and best practices to data-driven decision making, our extensive experience and expertise can be leveraged to guide a plan of action for a wide range of geospatial and mapping tasks and objectives. We are available to our government agency partners for ad hoc questions and brainstorming without any contractual obligations. However, more extensive consulting for complex problems that require ample UGRC staff time and effort require cost recovery through a formal agreement. Involve us early in your planning and let us know about your project so we can provide recommendations and help you evaluate the best possible options.

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Make data accessible

Making data accessible and usable is our forte. Since its inception, UGRC has been tasked with creating, aggregating, curating, promoting, and integrating authoritative Utah spatial data into important systems such as 911, elections, taxation, and many other services. We're the state's first source for authoritative data. If you are seeking to make your agency-specific data accessible to a broad audience for spatial analysis, mapping, and visualization, we can also help. Our geocoding services can transform your addresses into mappable point locations. We've developed processes to automate the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data from a multitude of sources including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS products into mappable, analyzable data layers. We even have professional cartographers to create and print masterful hard copy maps of your data for display, discussion, and planning.

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Let us build

Once your datasets are accessible, take them to the next level by integrating them into your agency's important business processes. We can help you make it visible and tangible through an interactive web mapping experience or almost anything else you can imagine. UGRC works in both the low code/no code and traditional development spaces to build custom tools, processes, and applications for state government agencies to unlock the power of location. We can work with you to integrate spatial data and GIS functionality to complement existing workflows, improve and streamline business processes from beginning to end, or imagine new processes and pathways to achieve your goals. If you have access to, or are, an application developer, check out our offerings that are free and easy to use.

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Investigate your data

Government agencies collect massive amounts of data. Perhaps your data needs a boost, or to be viewed in a totally different perspective. UGRC uses creative and innovative data science methods and technology to reveal hidden connections within your data, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions. Allow us to help you analyze, summarize, transform, and enrich your data with meaningful location information to illuminate new priorities and solutions, answer questions, and optimize resources.

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