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Juab and Millard Counties Adjust Shared Boundary

Author · Bert Granberg
Published · Jul 25, 2012
Last modified · May 1, 2024
Category · SGID Updates
Read time · 2 min

Late this spring, the Millard and Juab County Commissions agreed to adjust the counties' common north-south trending boundary, in an area generally west of Interstate 15.

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The boundary change, described in the joint resolution submitted by the counties, was officially certified by the Lt. Governor Greg Bell on June 21, 2012, according to provisions outlined by state law governing county consolidations and annexations (UCA 17-2-209).

The area impacted is contained within Townships 14, 15, 16 & 17 South, Range 3 West (SL B&M) of the public land survey system (PLSS) and consists primarily of land near the ridge of the Canyon mountain range within the Fishlake National Forest and a smaller amount of private land toward the northern portion of the modified boundary.

The enlargeable map graphic at right shows:

  • the new boundary (red) which follows PLSS sections (white) and their quarter and 16th divisions
  • the previous boundary (blue), which was generally described along ridge lines.

GIS data representing county boundaries, in the State Geographic Information Database's ArcGIS 10 SDE database server and downloadable shape and file geodatabase files, has been edited to reflect this change.

As county boundaries are basic building blocks for other boundaries (special districts, tax units, election units, administrative jurisdictions, etc), GIS data users should expect to see similar adjustments made to related datasets in the coming months.