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Utah Municipal Boundaries

Last update · December 2023

Category: Boundaries Data Type: Polygon GIS data Stewards: UGRC & Lieutenant Governor's Office

Municipal Boundaries is a multi-purpose statewide dataset of municipal boundaries for cartography and approximate boundary identification.

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select * from boundaries.municipal_boundaries limit 10; Copy to clipboard

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You can copy and paste the feature service URL above into ArcGIS Pro or a web map to visualize this data or access the query endpoint to query the data with your favorite programming language.

A closer look

This data is developed with coordinate geometry (COGO) from legal descriptions. When necessary the data is adjusted to conform to known physical features. This dataset does not represent exact legal boundaries, but, rather a set of boundaries used for the administrative purposes that conforms to logical & administrative rules (e.g. no two cities or township areas may cover the same geographic extent).

The native spatial reference for this dataset is UTM Zone 12N, NAD83 (0.01 meter coordinate precision). There are no constraints or warranties with regard to the use of this dataset. Users are encouraged to attribute content to: State of Utah, SGID. The metro townships boundary dataset is maintained by UGRC in partnership with state and local government.

The boundaries are revised as documents are filed with the Lt. Governor's Office.

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