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New 2016 Google Imagery

Author · Rick Kelson
Published · Aug 31, 2016
Last modified · May 2, 2024
Category · Discover
Read time · 1 min

The information on this page could be outdated. For the most recent information visit the Discover page.

New 2016 high-resolution Google imagery is available from the Discover server. Updated areas include the Salt Lake Block and part of the Torrey Block that was previously covered by clouds. The new imagery can be found in the utah service. The new imagery is not yet available for download and the archive services have not been updated but should be very soon.

Google update

Google update

ArcMap users may need to clear the cache on the utah layer from Discover to see the new imagery. This can be done by going to the service’s Layer Properties -> Cache tab and selecting Clear Local Cache Now. Be patient as this could take several minutes.

Are you not signed up for access to the Google imagery yet? Visit the Google Imagery License page.

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