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Introducing the Official UGRC API Client

Author · Steve Gourley
Published · Nov 29, 2021
Last modified · May 2, 2024
Category · Developer
Read time · 2 min

Assigning a geographic coordinate to an address, otherwise known as geocoding, is one of the simplest ways to enable data to be visualized on a map. This makes geocoding a gateway to a Geographic Information System (GIS). Because location matters to us, we make geocoding simple!

Since the creation of the UGRC API, opens in a new tab over 10 years ago, UGRC has been building geocoding clients. A geocoding client is a piece of software that understands how to interact with the UGRC API, and hide the complexity, to make geocoding simple. The first geocoding client, opens in a new tab enabled users in a web application, opens in a new tab to quickly find their house in aerial imagery and understand what is near them. An ArcGIS tool client brought the same functionality to desktop GIS. No user is going to be left out.

The official UGRC API client, opens in a new tab is now available to everyone! This cross-platform desktop application carefully guides you through your geocoding tasks. We analyzed the data from our other clients and made great improvements to the user experience. We think this is the best API client we have ever created. Go download, opens in a new tab the official UGRC API Client right now for MacOS or Windows and start geocoding.

first screen

A few highlights we are proud of

  • No license is needed to use the client! It is download and go.
  • The client is cross-platform. It works on MacOS and Windows.
  • The client is evergreen. The app will automatically download updates as soon as they are available. Every time the application restarts, it will be the best, most recent version.
  • You only need to create one API key ever. Did your IP address change? No problem! Your access will not be interrupted.
  • API keys are validated before the geocoding task starts. The create a key, try to geocode, fail, read the error message, create a new key, succeed loop is broken!

There are many other improvements compared to our other desktop clients. You’ll have to download, opens in a new tab and install the app to see them for yourself. And we are not yet finished. We have plenty of new features, opens in a new tab planned for this client that you will not want to miss.