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Last update · Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Category: Address Data Type: Desktop application Steward: UGRC

The UGRC API Client is a cross-platform, stand-alone desktop geocoding tool designed to carefully guide you step-by-step through your geocoding tasks. This app is our most user friendly geocoding client for geocoding *.csv files. It does not require a license or subscription to use and automatically downloads updates as soon as they are available to stay current and add new features.

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This application is evergreen - meaning it auto updates to the newest version. There is no need to download new versions.

A closer look

The API Client is a great tool for users who are not familiar with the programming languages to interact with the API directly and want a user friendly interface to geocode their files.

A few highlights we are proud of

  • No license is needed to use the client! It is download and go.
  • The client is cross-platform. It works on MacOS and Windows.
  • The client is evergreen. The app will automatically download updates as soon as they are available. Every time the application restarts, it will be the best, most recent version.
  • You only need to create one API key ever. Did your IP address change? No problem! Your access will not be interrupted.
  • API keys are validated before the geocoding task starts. The create a key, try to geocode, fail, read the error message, create a new key, succeed loop is broken!

Getting started

Download the API Client now for the operating system that you are running below! Once you have downloaded the application, you will be instructed to create an account on the API self service website] , opens in a new tab . Be sure to verify the email address you sign up with! Once you have created an account, you will be able to generate an API key that you will use to authenticate with the API Client. You are now ready to geocode your *.csv files. The API Client will guide you through the process of geocoding your file and will create a report of the results that you can join back to your data.

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