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Aquifers map data AGRC Aquifers in Utah.
Dams map data AGRC Dam locations as derived from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).
Diversion Points map data DNR Water Rights Points of Diversion depicts agricultural irrigation and other diversion points at or along water features. This dataset is stewarded by the Utah Division of Water Resources. For more information on this dataset including how to request access to it, please contact Lee Eschler from DNR at LeeEschler@utah.gov.
Drinking Water Protection Zones map data DEQ Drinking Water Drinking Water SourceĀ  Protection Zones are maintained by the Utah Division of Drinking Water. This dataset is considered a protected record. Those with a legitimate need for this data are invited to contactDiedre Beck from DEQ at DBeck@utah.gov, or Kate Johnson from DEQ at KJohnson@utah.gov
Flood Areas map data AGRC Flood zones in Utah.
Historic Lake Bonneville map data AGRC The geographic extent of the Lake Bonneville shoreline.
Lakes, Rivers, Streams, & Springs map data AGRC Derived from the National Hydrography Database, this is the recommended data layer for depicting Utah's streams, canals, washes, etc.
Water Related Land Use map data AGRC Water related land use in Utah. Includes the types and extent of irrigated crops as well as information concerning phreatophytes, wet/open water areas, dry land agriculture and residential/industrial areas.
Water Rights Regions map data DNR Water Rights Regions in Utah.
Watersheds map data AGRC Utah watershed area boundaries.
Wetlands and Riparian Areas map data USFWS Wetland and riparian areas in Utah as delineated by the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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