The AGRC’s Web API allows for developers to work with the data and services that AGRC maintains and creates. You can query any data layer in our SGID or you can geocode addresses against the most accurate statewide roads data set to name a few highly popular uses. All of our widgets and add-ins make full use of our web API’s.


The main API’s that we offer are geocoding and searching.

Geocoding allows you to find a geographic location from an address. AGRC’s geocoding philosophy is unique since we would rather give you no match than the wrong match. We will have the best match rates for Utah addresses.

Do you have a database full of house addresses?

Unlock the ability to visually see your data by geocoding them. Visit the API Explorer to see all the options for geocoding.

The searching API really opens up the opportunity for serious information gathering. The SGID has over 300 layers of real world data that you can run queries against.

Remember that database full of house addresses?

You can learn so much from a house address once it has been geocoded. You could use our search API to find out how far away addresses are from a fault line, what school district the kids are in, what the broadband availability is and the list goes on. Head over to the data pages of our website and look at all the information you can extract to solve a problem or provide context.

We haven’t thought of all the great ideas you can build with our API but here are a few things we’ve already done to get your imagination going.

Getting Started

Please refer to our Getting Started Guide to get up and going with the AGRC web api’s.