Nevada GPS Stations

What is a Reference Network

A GPS network is a high precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) providing real time corrections and data for post processing. A GNSS network consists of permanently located GPS receivers, installed across the state, that generate real time high accuracy GPS positioning. Basically, all of the permanetly installed GPS receivers send their data to a system that analyizes the input and adjusts and corrects the data to provide the most accurate locations.

About this Network

The Coordinate Reference Frame for this network is NAD83/94 (HARN). The Latitude, Longitude and Ellipsoidal Height of each reference station was calculated by processing 24 hour files using the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) Projects application.

With an activated subscription, set your GPS unit's VRS connection address to and port 2102. Enter your new device-specific username and password.

Connections from Source Table

For Trimble units we have three different connections.

  • VRS_CMR works older Trimble unit
  • VRS_CMRp works with Trimble units that are newer but may not have the latest updates to the firmware.
  • VRS_CMRx works with the newest up to date Trimble units

All of these give you the network solution.

For non-Trimble units we have two different connections.

  • VRS_RTCM23 works older non-Trimble unit
  • VRS_RTCM31 works with non-Trimble units
  • VRS_RTCM3.2 works with non-Trimble units, gives a full GNSS solution (all available satelites)

Both of these give you the network solution.

MS_CMR, MS_CMRP, MS_RTCM3.2 these are for connecting to single base when you are on the edge of the network or not getting a strong network solution. System will automatically find the closest station and connect you.

Rinex File Downloads

The Nevada GPS network is providing 24 hour Rinex files with 5 second epoch available for download here: Nevada GPS Rinex Download Due to storage limits, files can only be stored for a 90 day period, than they are permanently deleted.

Getting Started

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Renew an Account

Visit Nevada GPS and select Renew Subscription. You'll need a credit card, cost is $1200 for a year, enter the following information:

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When done you will receive a confirmation email and receipt. If the account is new or has expired, it will take about 24 hours for the subscription payment to cycle through and the activation to be complete for field work, otherwise you will not notice any interruption.

Support Contacts

Comments, questions, compliments, or concerns can be directed to Mike Heagin from AGRC at or 801-537-9296, or Sean Fernandez from AGRC at or 801-209-9359