Heads up!

UGRC will be temporarily enabling HTTPS-only on our ArcGIS Online organization on Friday morning, November 20th, in preparation for Esri’s permanent switch on December 8th. We will disable the setting Monday morning, November 23rd. We will then set it permanently for our organization on December 1st, a week before Esri’s deadline.


By enabling the HTTPS-only setting over a weekend, it gives people using our ArcGIS Online layers in their maps a chance to see if things are broken in a lower-traffic period before Esri throws the switch permanently. HTTPS plays a major role in ensuring internet communications are private (can’t be read by someone else) and authentic (weren’t replaced by altered content in transit).

Who is affected?

Anyone who is consuming any of our ArcGIS Online layers in a webmap or other application through an HTTP link (http://utah.maps.arcgis.com/...) may see errors, including a webmap popup saying “Layer such-and-such cannot be added to the map.” This may be the case if you added the layer to a map by copying the URL, which is more likely for custom web applications as well as those built in ArcGIS Online.

How do I fix my map?

In ArcGIS Online webmaps, you can use the “Update Layers to HTTPS” button in the Settings tab on the map’s ArcGIS Online item page. See Esri’s documentation for more info. For other applications, update your link text to HTTPS (https://utah.maps.arcgis.com/...).

Who should I contact?

If you have questions specific to UGRC’s ArcGIS Online services, send an email to Jake Adams from UGRC at jdadams@utah.gov. For general ArcGIS Online HTTPS questions, please contact Esri directly.