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The demand for geospatial and location-based information has increased dramatically as many disciplines realize the power of spatial data. A customer's address stored as text in a database has only so many uses. Our API opens the door to many spatial opportunities, from visualizing customer locations on a map to spatially analyzing their relationship or patterns in conjunction with other geographic phenomena such as demographic data, disease patterns, or areas affected by natural disasters. Our API has two main endpoints to help with this: geocoding address and searching SGID data.

Geocoding allows you to find the geographic locations (i.e., the latitude and longitude) of addresses. UGRC's geocoding philosophy is unique in that we would rather give you no match than the wrong match. But rest assured, we will have the best match rates for Utah addresses. How can we be so sure? Because we're the experts in Utah geospatial data.

Searching allows you to explore more than 1,000,000 rows of spatial SGID data. With over 300 layers of real-world data in the SGID, the possibilities can be a little overwhelming. You need a way to find what you need in all that data, and our search endpoint helps you do that. It opens up the opportunity for serious information gathering to enhance your application and workflows.

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The UGRC API is a free service that allows you to geocode and search SGID data. To use the API, you need to create an account and then generate keys for each of your use cases. These keys are used to authenticate requests and provide you usage analytics. Click the link below to get started.

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There are many ways to use the UGRC API, so we have created documentation to help you get started. Click the link below to learn more about the API and how to use it.

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API Client

The API Client is a desktop application created to guide you through the process of geocoding Utah addresses with the UGRC API. You do not need to understand how to use the underlying UGRC API directly, it requires no license, and is free for anyone to use. Click the link below to download the API Client and start visualizing your data.

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Privacy Policy

UGRC's data license and general data disclaimer.
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API Self Service

The self service website to create, manage, and view analytics for your API keys.

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