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Utah Roads

Last update · May 13, 2024

Category: Transportation Data Type: Line GIS data Stewards: Local data stewards & UDOT & UGRC

Utah Roads is a multi-purpose statewide roads dataset for cartography, routing, and range based-address location. This dataset is also used as the base geometry for deriving the GIS-representation of UDOT's advanced highway linear referencing system (ALRS) as well as UGRC's network analysis datasets.

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You can copy and paste the feature service URL above into ArcGIS Pro or a web map to visualize this data or access the query endpoint to query the data with your favorite programming language.

A closer look

The Utah Roads layer plays an important role in active transportation planning in Utah. Recent collaborative efforts between UGRC, UDOT , opens in a new tab , and WFRC , opens in a new tab have led to significant enhancements in the bike and pedestrian data in both the roads and trails and pathways layers. These efforts have focused on better connectivity between the layers along the Wasatch Front, as well as improvements in the statewide bike data. You can contribute to the on-street bike data by letting us know where we have gaps or inaccurate information.

The Utah Roads dataset utilizes a data model based on Next-Generation 911 standards and the Federal Highway Administration's All Roads Network Of Linear-referenced Data (ARNOLD) reporting requirements for state DOTs. UGRC adopted this data model on September 13th, 2017.

To see specific information about the data model including field names and descriptions, data types, coded value domains, and data model updates, see the data model spreadsheet , opens in a new tab and the corresponding tabs for update notes. The color-coded section titled Addressing is primarily maintained by the local stewards, where as the section titled DOT/FHWA is primarily maintained by UDOT. UGRC spatially assigns fields in the section titled Placename/Area, based on current SGID polygon boundaries.

This data model is meant to suggest 'best practices'. It is not the intent that all stewards will change their current data management process to match this standard, but rather that stewards will evaluate their current practices to see how well their data 'translates' to this schema for data sharing and Next Generation 911 preparedness.

We are currently working with US Forest Service to improve the Forest Service roads in this dataset, however, for the most current and complete set of USFS roads, please visit the FSGeodata Clearinghouse , opens in a new tab .

The statewide roads dataset is maintained by UGRC in partnership with local government, UDOT, and the 911 community.

Please reach out to Greg Bunce from UGRC at | 801-349-0039 with questions about this data layer.

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