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Last update · Monday, April 15, 2024

Category: Address Data Type: Web service Steward: UGRC

Masquerade is a proxy service that impersonates an Esri locator using UGRC data and web services. Use the following URL in Esri products anywhere you would use a geocode service , opens in a new tab .

Use the service

Use in ArcGIS

Use the ArcGIS Online item URL as the "Locator URL" value in the geocoding settings.

Use the direct url for the search widget in Experience Builder.

Quick clips

ArcGIS Online item URL Copy to clipboard

ArcGIS Online item URL Copy to clipboard

Getting started

Learn how to use the service in your applications and maps in the masquerade project readme , opens in a new tab .

A closer look


  • Single line address geocoding (convert an address to an x,y coordinate). Powered by the UGRC web API.
  • Provides type-ahead suggestions from the following datasets in Open SGID and returns the centroid:

Supported Esri Geocode Service Operations

  • ✅ Find Address Candidates
  • ✅ Geocode Addresses
  • ✅ Suggest

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