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Utah School Board Districts

Last update · 2022: Redistricting after 2020 Census

Category: Political Data Type: Polygon GIS data Stewards: UGRC & Lieutenant Governor's Office

Utah School Board Districts defined after every decennial census.

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You can copy and paste the feature service URL above into ArcGIS Pro or a web map to visualize this data or access the query endpoint to query the data with your favorite programming language.

A closer look

The Utah State Board of Education is compromised of 15 districts. Utah School Board Districts 2022 to 2032 shows the school board districts that elected officials represent.

The DIST field contains the State School Board district number.

The COLOR4 field can be used in coloring districts using only 4 colors, usually with no adjacent districts displayed with the same color.

The BOARD field has the name of the current board member and is updated as needed.

Statewide school board district boundaries are drawn by the Utah Legislature after each decennial census and adopted into state law.

Update history
  • 2022: Redistricting after 2020 Census
  • 2012: Redistricting after 2010 Census

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